Jeffrey was born to a very rich family with a family-owned, succesful business. Soon, the family buisness sales started to take a downward spiral. Jeffrey's parents fought over debt, and were soon divorced. Two years later, when Jeffrey was 19 his father died in a car accident, and Jeffrey grieved. He began to do drugs, and soon, dropped out of college. Later this year, Jeffrey's mother, Carrie, became dangerously sick. Jeffrey cared for her, until she died eight years later when Jeffrey was 27. Jeffrey met his future-wife, Molly West-Jameson this year and they soon married. Jeffrey died from liver failure, due to alchohal abuse, when he was 30.

Jeffrey's Information
Born                                                       1969
Aged                                                        30
Hair Color                                                Bleach blond
Eye Color                                                 Blue
Species                                                   Human

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