Margaret animal blood

Margaret is "potrayed" by Chloe Moretz.

  "That's Jane?"

Margaret on people's fear of Jane.

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Margaret was born in San Francisco, California with her mother and father. Her brother, Max, was born soon after. When Margaret was three, her father died of liver failure. After a year of trying to support her children, Margaret's mother, Molly, moved to her mothers house with her children. In 2013, when Margaret was at school her mother and grandmother were killed in a shooting, along with many others. Margaret and her brother, Max, were forced to live with their abusive uncle. About a month after, Margaret escaped her abusive life and left her brother at a foster home, regretting this the most. But, she knew her brother would have a better life with someone else caring for him. Margaret lived alone in hunger for a week, but when a hunting vampire found her, she looked like she'd been starving for weeks rather than days. The vampire was quite full, so only drank little of Margaret's blood. The vampire figured, at how skinny Margaret looked, the venom couldn't save her in time. The vampire left her alone. Three days later, Margaret awakens as a vampire. And three months later, meets the Denali Coven in Alaska.

Margaret's Information
Born                                 June 24, 1999; California
Perpetual Age                     13 
Created by                        An unknown vampire
Alias                                "Lovely" (by Alec) "Red Eyes" (Garrett)
Species                            Vampire
Gender                              Female
Height                               4'11
Hair Color                          Golden blond

Eye Color                         Gold (animal blood)

                                   Black (when thirsty)

Skin Color                        Pale
Family Members              Cullen's ("cousins") Denali's ("family")  Alec (mate)
Abilities                           Basic vampire abilities
Special Abilites              Physical/mental manipulation
Occupation                    None
Loyalty                      Olympic, Denali (covens)

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