Molly West-Jameson was known as the "wild child" and "unruly teen" on her small hometown in Kentucky. Molly dropped out of school at 16 to join a band with her closest friends, and to pursue this dream they all moved to San Francisco, California. Molly met her future-husband, Jeffrey, who was older than her, here. They married a year and a half later, right after Molly's 18th birthday. Molly had Margaret when she was 19. She concieved her youngest child, Max, when she was 29, by accident with an unknown man. After some huge debt, and forclosure on their house, Molly moved herself and her childreen to Los Angeles with her mother. Molly and her mother, June, were killed in a shooting.

Molly's Life
Born                                           1980              
Aged                                           32
Hair Color                                    Silver-blond
Eye Color                                    Hazel
Species                                      Human

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